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Taurus Overview
Taurus Rulerships
Taurus' Symbol & Place in the Zodiac
The Taurus Female
The Taurus Male
Taurus Erogenous Zones
Taurus Bonuses (Strengths)
Taurus Tradeoffs (Weaknesses)
Taurus Appeal
More About Taurus' Sexuality
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   Taurus Overview

Taurus is sensual beyond imagination, but Taurus sensuality is earthy, lusty, and rather simple and straightforward. Taurus stamina is legendary. For the most part, it’s “meat and potatoes” sex with a Taurus--that is until they trust you and open up. It’s quite a challenge to coax the trust out of a Taurus, however. In fact, coaxing Taurus to do much of anything is not easy. Taurus takes their own sweet time, and they will trust you based on your actions over time rather than on what you say. You may be able to talk the birds out of the trees, but you won't be able to talk your way into a Taurus' heart. Be there for them, be patient, be loyal, be strong. Eventually, Taurus will come to trust you. Always be aware of Taurus patience.


   Who is a Taurus?

Those born April 20-May 20. The cut off dates vary from year to year, so if you are unsure, send your birth data to us and we'll let you know.

   Taurus Rulerships

Taurus rules money and possessions, comfort, and ownership. How does this translate on romantic and sexual levels?  Yes, they do like to "own" you in some manner. Yes, they are possessive once they feel they do own you. Yes, they look for comfort in a relationship and in a partner. They are not necessarily after money in a relationship by all means (lots of sex is good enough for most), but of course they think of it as a bonus if you do have it. They don't have a lot of respect for those who blow their dough unwisely.

Taurus is ruled by sensual Venus, the goddess of love, and this is one of the reasons Taurus is so loveable!

   Taurus Symbol & Place in the Zodiac

The symbol for Taurus is the Bull. Like the bull, Taurus is powerful, headstrong, stubborn, and focused.

Taurus is the second sign in the zodiac. Aries was the infant, and Taurus is the toddler. Toddlers are notorious for craving structure and routine. They are not yet completely socialized, but it's no longer all about their own needs and wants as it was during the infant (Aries) stage. Desires are strong, but they are learning to wait. Toddlers' lives revolve around food, comfort, naps, potty training, and play time. In many ways, Taurus is like the second born child. They may like being first, but, unlike Aries, they are humble enough to accept that they don't always get first billing.

   The Taurus Female

Taurus women are sensual, classy, and ladylike but also quite stubborn and set in their ways. They look for a solid, settled, and grounded partner, but also one who has enough "edge" to intrigue them.

Although strong and rather set in their ways, Taurus women are also feminine and beguiling. They are respectful and don't like upsetting words or environments. Appeal to their nose, always. They love fresh, clean, and uncomplicated scents. Touch is magic to them, and they love long, sensual kissing sessions.


   The Taurus Male

Taurus men are sometimes a little on the macho side, but they are also very respectful, calm, and mostly in control. They are not the mushy emotional types, and there is absolutely nothing flaky about them. Taurus men are as solid as they come.

Sex, food, money, and security...these are the staples of life to a Taurus man. Fill these basic needs, and your Taurus man is likely to be quite content. You don't want them to get too content to the point that they take you for granted, however. Taurus men seldom get carried away romantically speaking. They are realistic, sometimes maddeningly so to partners who need the flowery words and promises.

   Taurus Erogenous Zones

Taurus rules the neck, and, what do you know? The neck is a sensitive zone for a Taurus. Kiss and lick it gently, run your fingers on it softly, clutch it tenderly as you kiss. This is also gold for Venus in Taurus men and women.


   Taurus Bonuses

Taurus' strengths are patience, practicality, solidness, gentleness (when they aren't angry), and reliability. You can lean on them, count on them, and have lots of earthy sex with them.


   Taurus Tradeoffs

Flowery romance is not typically in Taurus' repertoire, and this may be the biggest tradeoff if you're involved with a Taurus. A Taurus is asked, "Do you love me?" and the classic Taurus answer is, "I'm here, aren't I?" (You're thinking, "Just say it, dammit!"). However, it helps to remind yourself that Taurus expresses affections with solid actions. Taurus is there, and that does mean something. Would you prefer someone who says "I love you" till the cows come home, but who isn't always around?


   Taurus Appeal

When they woo you, Taurus is patient...very patient. There is a quiet confidence about them that is very appealing. Somehow you know when they say, "You'll grow to like me a lot", that you will...and that "one day" could be very soon. They possess a quiet determination, a solid yet gentle demeanor, and a smile that weakens your knees. They're not flashy people, yet their presence is commanding. There's an aura of calm surrounding them that is rare in our stressed out world, and it's so very easy to place your confidence in them. Something about their manner oozes subtle sex appeal, and their "aura" is soothing.

   More About Taurus' Sexual Styles - Categories


Cupid's Arrow







In Bed


First Aid


Breaking Up


Cupid's Arrow
Ways to the Taurus heart.

Prove yourself over time, through your actions more than your words. (Taurus says..."put your money where your mouth is").

Give as much of yourself as you can, give thoughtful and practical gifts, and give them lots of sex (try not to deny them).


Taurus Foreplay
The most effective foreplay ideas with a Taurus.

Lots of kissing and touching. Sounds simple? Think simple! Taurus is the most grounded, down to earth sign of the zodiac. Taurus lovers are sensual and realistic. Kiss them, slowly and sensually. Touch softly. Undress slowly. Kiss the neck.


Taurus Accessories and Toys
The best accessories to use with a Taurus.

For most Taureans, the best sex is straightforward sex. But everyone needs to mix things up a little from time to time, and arguably the best Taurus accessory is the handcuffs and other bondage toys. There is a bit of a dominatrix in every Taurus, male or female. Think "ownership"--the thought (and the proof) turns them on.


Gifts for a Taurus
Gifts that Taurus will appreciate.

The best gifts for a Taurus are substantial and practical, yet simple. They are impressed when you give them expensive gifts, no doubt, but they should be classic rather than frivolous. If you're buying clothing for a Taurus, pay just as much attention to how a piece of clothing feels to the skin as you do to how it looks.



Styles that attract Taurus, and best styles for a Taurus.

Like other earth signs, Taurus looks best dressed simply and with classic style.

Simple, clean, and quietly classy is the style that Taurus is most attracted to, and the style that best suits Taurus. Clothing, whether it's on you or on Taurus, has to feel good to the touch.

Taurus looks solid, and styles that are too frilly, overdone, or "over the top" simply look silly on them. And, they are not impressed by others who look overdone, either. Taurus dislikes overly processed presentations, whether it's excessive makeup and perfume, surgical enhancements, or anything too divorced from the natural state.

Silk is a fabric associated with Taurus. Both genders love soft fabrics.


The most arousing smells for a Taurus.

Taurus is notorious for being picky about smells. They may not have the most refined sense of smell, but they certainly have definite likes and dislikes. Many of these are very personal, based on childhood experiences, and therefore can't be listed here. Simple smells that remind them of home and basic foods, such as vanilla or cinnamon, usually appeal. Clean smells, like fresh linen, are also good bets. Perfumes that are too flowery or that aren't natural can turn them right off.


Foods and tastes Taurus loves.
Taste, smell, and touch are the most defined senses for a Taurus, and food as comfort is associated strongly with the sign. As with smell, their taste buds are not necessarily what you would term "refined", but their likes and dislikes are firm. Once Taurus has decided they don't like something, it's hard, if not impossible, to change or open their minds on the subject! Substantial helpings of food, and substantial "meat and potatoes" food is their preference. If a food is overly processed, or too divorced from its natural state, it's unlikely to appeal. Quality and freshness are important. Comfort food is going to impress Taurus more than designer food. Adding such edible oils and lubricants as fruit-flavored or the like to your repertoire will go off well or not depending on your particular Taurus. Most love all-natural, others enjoy the extra scents and flavors these products add to the experience. Taurus, like the other Venus-ruled sign (Libra), has a very definite sweet tooth. Traditional meals and drinks go over the best with Taurus.

Taurus In Bed
Taurus lovemaking styles.
Taurus won't necessarily let you in on it before they get to know you better, but their appetite for sex borders on insatiable. They are solid and strong in bed, yet manage to come across as loving and gentle at the same time. Some confuse Taurus sensuality with romance, but the truth is, Taurus can appear more romantic than they actually are. This is because of their love for sensual touching, and a certain tenderness that comes through despite the strength.

What Taurus Likes to Hear
Words that are music to Taurus ears.
"I'm yours"
"You're the best I've ever had, and ever will have"

First Aid in a Relationship with a Taurus
Techniques that help save a relationship with a Taurus.
If you feel you're losing a Taurus and want to repair the relationship, there are several steps to take, but do avoid acts of desperation. Although they might appeal to the Taurus ego at first, it can be hard for Taurus to respect you down the road.

Patience is important. Similar to the wooing stage, when you needed to give only a little at a time to keep Taurus intrigued, wooing a Taurus back involves baby steps. Prove yourself through solid actions instead of promises. Taurus lives in the here and now. Stroke the Taurus ego by offering comforting and simple compliments. (Nothing over the top). Subtly remind Taurus how far you've come together, as Taurus values things more when they last.

Always remember that Taurus analyzes you in subtle ways. They ask questions and wait for you to answer, and in many ways they are handing you a noose to hang yourself with. They don't seem to be reacting to what you're saying in a negative manner, but they do take mental notes, and they do notice inconsistencies.


What Makes Taurus Angry
Whether you want to avoid them or use them, these are things guaranteed to piss off Taurus.
Taking their things. Taurus is not always stingy, but if they give you something, they want to initiate it. They don't like to be asked, and hate it when people take their things. Their partners are their territory too.

Being pushed and manipulated into doing something. Taurus is very stubborn and will dig in their heels when they feel you are trying to push them to do something.

Nasty, crude, and vulgar behavior. Remember that Taurus is ruled by peaceful and refined Venus.

Inconsistency in others is a pet peeve. They don't trust people who change their stories, and don't ever think they don't notice--they do. They can't help but uncover inconsistencies and anything out of whack. Remember that Taurus' ruler is Venus. Balance, constancy, and equilibrium are very important to the Bull.

By nature, Taurus is distinctively calm and placid. They take things in stride for the most, unless there's a lot of Aries elsewhere in their natal charts. It is hard for them to get to the state of being livid, but when they do, it's not pretty. Because Taurus prefers not to rock the boat most of the time, they often feel the need to walk away and deal with their anger on their own. Always, always, always, give Taurus space when they are in this state. They need time to cool off, and your being around just won't help. And, it won't take long for them to come around, for Taurus dislikes disequilibrium. Calm and collected is their natural and preferred state.


Breaking Up With a Taurus
Techniques that will make breaking up easier.

If you really need to do it, be straightforward and tactful. They won't like you for it, no doubt, but they're mostly reasonable folks. Taurus is sure that you'll regret it one day. The attitude is "it's your loss". They're usually quite proud, too, so a breakup is generally clean. If they do try to win you back, they won't resort to desperate tactics. Their actions will speak volumes, however.



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