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We explore the astrology of sexuality--which zodiac signs like what, how to turn a sign on (and off!), and how to turn his or her head. Read about each sun sign, compatibility...and don't neglect Venus (the planet of love and romance) or Mars (the planet of sex)!

News September 9/08, 10:42 PM: AstroSexology.com is officially born. The site is open. Pages will be filled, and all links activated, over the next few weeks.

 This Site Features...

Sun Signs
  All twelve of them, and their peculiarities on romantic and sexual levels.

  Which signs are most compatible...and the least.

   How to turn on a particular zodiac sign.

  Venus and Mars signs
   Go beyond the Sun sign to get a more specific portrait of a lover. (Coming soon).

  The Moon and Romance
   Pinpoint a lover's comfort zones and emotional needs. (Coming soon).

  Astrology Reports
   Fun and informative astrology reports.

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> Compatibility
Who gets along with who.

> Venus and Mars
Don't neglect the sign positions of these sexy planets. (Coming soon).

> Quizzes
How much like your sign are you? (Coming soon).

> Sun Sign Sexuality
The sexuality of each sign of the zodiac.

Who's romantic, who's dreamy, who's wishy-washy, who likes it slow, who cuts to the chase.

For all of its rewards, monogamy is nevertheless a challenge. When we fall in love with someone, and we plan on committing to them, we often encounter resistance... 



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