How to Win a Taurus Man’s Heart

Taurus the Bull in Love

Taurus the Bull in Love

The Taurus man is a beguiling combination of nice guy and macho man. In many ways, he’s rooted in tradition and extremely loyal to his habits. He has his favorite restaurant, for example, and he closes his mind to any other restaurant you might suggest. It’s not that he won’t try the new one–he just might. But he’s loyal to the one he’s chosen, and just won’t budge when it comes to his opinion on the matter.

While you might balk at his stubbornness, wouldn’t you love to be treated like his favorite restaurant? The girl who he prefers above all others? We’re going to give you some ideas about what a Taurus man wants in a woman, and just what kind of girl he decides is his favorite.

Taurus men are very attentive and appear to be great listeners in the initial stages of dating. There is a reason–he’s scoping you out. While his come-on or pickup lines hint that he’ll stick around for as long as you want him, he’s really not that easy. It’s true that once Taurus has selected his woman, he’ll stick with her for a very long time, but he takes his time to figure out who it is he wants in his world.

What does the Taurus man look for? Most important, he needs to see stability in a potential partner. You can be exciting, strong, and feminine–these are great traits in the eyes of a Taurus suitor. But he needs to see that you’re practical and stable too.

Most important to remember is that Taurus looks for balance and harmony in his life. He’s not fond of uncertainty at all. He gravitates towards comfort and steadiness in his life, and in the people he welcomes into his circle. If you are showing signs of real unpredictability or suggesting mental imbalance in any serious way, he’ll decide you are definitely not his type. While he does crave some degree of excitement from a woman, he wants that to come from a woman who has her feet firmly planted on this earth. Space cadets need not apply here!

What else? On the topic of harmony and balance (and he gets that from his ruling planet, Venus), he needs to know that you will fit into his comfortable little world quite seamlessly. He’s not the type of guy who wants to cause a big stir with his family, although he’s not a suck-up either. He isn’t afraid of standing up for himself with his family and friends, but he is not fond of rocking the boat too much, and if he senses you would do that, he’ll probably look elsewhere.

The Taurus man wants his woman to lead an exceptionally balanced life. He wants to see that she is handling her work, family, and fun expertly and without too much stress. He is very fond of order. It’s not that he is nitpicky exactly, like the Virgo man. He simply finds disorder and unplanned change too chaotic for comfort. He is attracted to calm situations and environments, and most certainly calm women.

While he appreciates femininity to a fault, he wants his woman to be strong, too. A shrinking violet is not his type, but an overbearing, aggressive, and pushy gal isn’t either. In fact, if he had to choose between either extreme, he’d lean towards the shrinking violet. Aggressive women with big mouths are usually a turn-off for Taurus men. They don’t want women who could potentially cause scenes. Indiscreet women are also a turn-off. He wants you to be respectable. Remember the keyword “balance” and you’ll be well on the way to understanding Taurus the bull.

While a Virgo or Scorpio might love to take on the challenge of an emotionally complex woman, the Taurus man doesn’t expect to change, alter, or improve his lover. This is because he doesn’t want his lover to change him. He firmly believes that people cannot truly be changed! He doesn’t want to be your social worker. Remember that. He’s uncomfortable with emotionally over-the-top displays. If your life is full of ups and downs, minor and major crises, and you’re all over the place emotionally, he might sympathize a little, but he won’t take you in.

thetaurusmanTaurus men appreciate women in their many shapes and forms–to look at. He’s always looking. But as far as actually touching them, he is selective. If you’ve won him over and he’s decided that you are the one he wants, you’re likely to have a loyal partner. However, you’ll have to understand and accept that he’s going to be admiring other women from afar.

The main traits that Taurus men look for in a woman he might fall in love with are stability, strength, and integrity. He wants to see that you’re handling your finances well, too. He’s turned off by women who are living from paycheck to paycheck, but only if it’s because they’re not managing their finances properly. If they’re working hard and spending sensibly, that’s just fine.

He falls for women who hold onto some traditional values, and who treat their families with respect. She should also be sensual, but not a sex fiend. Why? He loves sex, and wants a lot of physical attention, but he’s also a very possessive guy. He doesn’t want to worry about you straying. He’s self-confident enough to be able to manage having an attractive woman for a partner, and in fact values it very much (he is proud, too), but he doesn’t want to see signs of sexual imbalance in a woman he settles down with. You need to be all his. Other men can admire you, but they can’t get too close!

So, while you can most definitely be a sex fiend for him, you shouldn’t show any signs of loving sex just for the sake of sex. He doesn’t want a partner who’s insatiable. Not only will he have to worry that you’re going to be looking elsewhere for sexual pleasures, he doesn’t want to be upstaged! He needs to feel that he’s satisfying his woman completely on a sexual level, and if he senses he’s not keeping up, it’s going to bruise his (hefty) male ego.

Just as the Taurus man looks for balance, comfort, and satisfaction from his life, he wants to feel he is providing these things for the woman in his life. While he is not one to shy away from a challenge in most areas of life, he doesn’t want to feel like his partner is perpetually unsatisfied with what he has to offer her.

Taurus men definitely appreciate attractiveness and beauty in a woman. The girl he takes in should be pretty in a quiet way–in other words, she doesn’t have to advertise. She dresses well, but not too flashy. She has girl-next-door good looks. Roundedness in a woman is just fine, as long as it’s balanced.

There is an aura of gentle strength surrounding most Taurus men. They have that special touch that most women love–they are liberal with their touching when they like you, and it’s comforting indeed. However, some women might confuse this body language with a highly romantic nature. Taurus is sentimental, but rarely shows it with words. His actions tell all, and that’s something any woman who falls in love with a Taurus man has to understand. The attentive suitor she originally fell for does get comfortable and, once settled, doesn’t listen like he once did. He can be maddeningly deaf to your needs once you’re his. However, once he does reach the stage where he isn’t listening to you as attentively, ironically, is when you can be pretty certain that you’re “in”. It means you’ve passed his inspection and he can now settle in comfortably with you.

by Annie Heese of

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7 Responses to “How to Win a Taurus Man’s Heart”

  1. Tony Reddick says:

    Whomever write this….got it right 99.9 % right.

  2. Kitt says:

    I love you for this. . . mmmmuhaaaa :)
    I was sooo much confused and worried for my relationship with my taurus guy, btw um an aquarius. and me being n aquarian worried me more :)
    i have loved this guy from my graduation’s first day nd confessed it after our graduation was cmpleted :)
    he loved it that i love him and i still remember his words when he said to me holding my face in his hands “you are the love of my life!” :)
    i cnt forget the passion and happiness in his eyes!
    bt den. . . v had more fights then any1 can ever have. he had an old girl frnd as well n i knew abt her. bt he had proposed me n had arguments with his family for me multiple times.
    now after a year of our official involvment v had sme severe fights in recent past 4 months back bt v r back n he forgave me.
    i have changed myself much to suit his needs and its a surprising change to see in him dat now he cares more for me, comes to see me smtyms so often. . . i was surprisingly shocked 2 see dat :)
    bt . . . he doesnt talk 2 mch :( hes lyk dat from always bt smtymz even if i call him after few days he’ll be lyk “hmmm. . .yeah. . . pleaseeee. . . um listening” he never say i love u :( always says “wht m i doing here wid u?” when i ask
    i was worried dat if he has changed n cn spend tym wid me, n shares his routine wid me (smtymz)n always tells me first if he has any gud news, picks me up 4rm offc late at night n drives me 2 da shopping mall 2 buy his clothes n takes my advice 2 which suits him better, den. . . y so bodered n annoyed and never pays attention 2 whteva i say. . . ur last line made my heart smile widely :)

  3. Aliya so says:

    What if I’m trying to save money for him, but then I am impulsive. I like him, because I know I will become better w/ him. I learned a lot from him

  4. sleepy says:

    Whoa creepy……lol so true… I guess I should except him now…

  5. Sag says:

    So, I’m COMPLETELY 100% WHOLLY in love with a Taurus man! I’m a Sag and so we share some commonalities- both intelligent & logical thinkers, both easy-going but calm! This guy is one of my favourite people ever! And he’s such an introvert!!!! Which I actually love! But I’m scared we’ll miss our chance if HE doesnt decide on me already!!! I’m a little “traditional” in the sense that I wont formally ask him out- I would like for him to wear the “balls” in the relationship… I’ve loved him for 4 YEARS now with nothing happening (we were both at uni and I went on to do an MSc so we’re both really career focussed) BUT…I’m not getting any younger…and I know I’ll never be TRULY happy unless its with him…but nowadys I catch myself thinking that perhaps I could settle for another kind of happiness!?

    This cant be good people?!…please tell me what to do! :'(

  6. Ginny says:

    I will say thanks to reading about my husbands sign who is a taurus man it has changed our life forever. I am a leo woman married for almost 6 years to him and for 4 years I coulnd’t quite understand him. Since I learned to let alot of things go he has in return changed to the man I once knew and fell in love with. That proves taurus men can change but only if they want too. He even went back to school which was a big change for him and is graduating this year.

  7. Libra says:

    Taurus men are not as sweet and humble as you say, they’re unsympathic, and self-indulgent, they will use other women as space holders until they find the woman they are looking for, they are excellent manipulators, and it is way to hard to gain their trust. I know all this because my ex is a taurus, we were together for a year, he told me he loved me, then after a year or so he told me he never loved me and I am c*ck blocking him because he has all these girls he want to have sex with and I’m taking up his time (without remorse or sympathy toward my feelings). He confessed that he loves the mother of his child and he’s going to marry her and bring her to America, it hurt me deeply.

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