Loyalty and the Signs, Part 1 Aries to Virgo

loveloyaltyHow loyal is each sign of the zodiac? Loyalty itself has different definitions. However, we attempt to illuminate the characteristics of each zodiac sign that may contribute to their “fidelity quotient”.

Loyalty these days…it’s a tough concept. Firstly, some of us define loyalty differently. Secondly, our attitudes and practice of loyalty are forever changing. A teenage girl said to me recently, “Oh, get with the times, everyone cheats on everyone!”

No matter how you define loyalty, there are certain traits of each sign that contribute to their attitude and practice of loyalty.

Note: We are made up of many different signs other than the one most people know–the Sun sign–so you’ll need to take this into account with any listing of the signs’ general qualities.


Aries is the warrior, the one who lives in the present, is up for any challenge, and who is completely infatuated with the chase and conquest. These traits don’t particularly fare well in the loyalty department. However, when Aries is in love, their focus is tremendous and their zeal almost unbeatable. It’s the long term that Aries can have some trouble with. It has to stay exciting and challenging in order to keep Aries’ interest. This is particularly so for people with Venus in Aries and Mars in Aries. They do get bored, and they do love new challenges. They need other stabilizing signs in their chart to keep them on the loyal track.


Taurus is one of the more loyal signs for two main reasons. One is that Taurus values people (and things) more the longer they are with them. The longer a relationship lasts, the more value Taurus assigns to it. The other main reason is that Taurus is very practical. If a relationship is working for Taurus, he/she can reason that a roll in the hay with someone else is not worth losing a well-built and functioning partnership. Would they do it if they were sure they wouldn’t get caught? That’s debatable. They can be rather cocky and sure of themselves at times. However, as sensual as the Bull is, Taurus is less inclined than most other signs to think only with his/her genitals.


Gemini’s very nature is impermanent. Gemini has many, many changes of heart, a whole slew of different moods, a chamber full of different disguises, and a curiosity that is absolutely insatiable. None of these qualities lend themselves well to long-term fidelity. However, Gemini is ruled more by the head than the heart, and so whether he/she is loyal will depend greatly on his/her attitude towards the whole concept…which, of course, can change, perhaps often! If a Gemini is unfaithful, it’s likely not an affair of the heart but rather it’s driven by an intense curiosity about what it might be like with that other person, or it could also be for the communication involved (talking online, on the phone, etc.), which is especially appealing for Gemini.


Loving, soulful Cancer may not, at first glance, seem like the type to cheat. However, if they do, they are probably the best at covering it up. Why? Because they’re right there with you–all yours–when they are. If they love you, they make you feel very cosy, warm, loved–part of their special “clan”. But whether they are capable of doing the same thing with more than one person is the question. Some Crabs have a hard time leading a dual life because they do get emotionally involved with the people they are with. However, if they can do it, they do it “well”. That is where their expertise at emotional manipulation comes into play. In all likelihood, an affair for a Cancer is an emotional affair. It’s unlikely to be a cool, lighthearted one-night stand, if they have it their way.


leoI consider Leo the most loyal of the signs, particularly when Venus is in Leo and there is more than one planet in the sign. Of course, there are exceptions, but Leo is proud and focused, wanting to do right by their loved ones. Yes, Leo is very flirtatious. Leo does love the chase and lives his/her whole life stuck in the teenage crush stage. But Leo tends to see a relationship out to the very end, sometimes hanging on to something that others may have given up on a long time ago. Leo keeps working on the relationship, sometimes as a matter of pride. Leo’s identity and ego are very much wrapped up in the strength of his/her primary relationship. The idea of someone knowing that he/she has strayed is mortifying. My conclusion: Leo is more loyal than most, even if it’s for all the “wrong” reasons.


virgoVirgo is one of the less-likely signs to stray. For one, they are practical and think twice about losing what they already have. For another, they don’t typically get swept off their feet or carried away. Mind you, Virgo is a lot kinkier and experimental than many know. And, when they do decide to sample the greener grass on the other side of the fence, they tend to throw themselves into it. It does take a lot to sweep a Virgo off their feet, but it can happen, especially those Virgins born with Uranus and/or Pluto in their sign. But most will end a relationship before they stray, preferring not to return with grass stains on their knees. As well, most will work hard on their current relationship, as annoying as that may be! (Virgo is known to be very nitpicky).

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  2. ladyb says:

    Plz finish the site! Looks awesome!

  3. eve says:

    a lot depends on the natal chart,but aries people or one with aries moon are generally cheaters.they can always find romance anew with another person,and are not likely to stick in.Gemini men are fickle too and have numerous affairs before they settle down.
    the emotional investment of taurus and cancerian do not let them cheat.
    but again,an arien with cancerian moon is less likely to cheat than one with gemini moon or venus.

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